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Aircraft Detailing Services

RTS Exterior Cleaning: Wet or dry wash the fuselage at standing eye level from the nose to the tail cone (excluding vertical & horizontal), clean exterior windows and leading edges.


Level I Interior Cleaning: Cabin - Vacuum seats, carpet and cup holders, wipe down wood, tray tables, mirrors, display panels, windows, counters, lavatory, and empty trash, straighten seat belts and pillows.  Cockpit - Vacuum seats, carpets, and cup holders, dust control panel, buttons, and switches, clean display panels, windows, and straighten seat belts.


Level II Interior Cleaning: Same as Level I plus clean and condition leather seats.


Level III Interior Cleaning:  Same as Level I and II plus empty, clean, and reorganize drawers, cabinets, storage areas, polish silverware, clean plates, glasses, cups, stove, microwave, coffee pot, check and discard expired items.


Exterior Cleaning: Wet or dry and debug nose, leading edges, and flaps, degrease belly, gears, struts, and clean exterior windows.


Shampoo/Carpet Extraction (on or off the aircraft): Apply a natural fiber shampoo using a carpet extraction machine.


Spot Clean/Blotch Soiled Spots On Carpet: Spot clean and apply natural fiber shampoo using a carpet extraction machine.


Level l Britework Service: Hand polish.


Level 2 Britework Service: Machine polish.


Level 3 Britework Service: Sand to remove corrosion and pits. The corrective steps implemented are based on the Department of Measurement of the Clad. Inspection of the aircraft is required to provide quote.


Exterior Wax: Apply and remove wax by hand or machine.


Deep Clean And Condition Leather Seats: Clean and apply leather conditioner.


Exterior Teflon, Xzilon, or Permagard Protective Agent: Apply and remove by hand or machine.


Exterior Paint Polishing and Paint Sealing: Machine polish all painted surface using a compound to remove dirt, salt, oxidation, carbon exhaust stains, scratches, apply a polish to remove swirl marks, apply a paint sealant.


Strip & Shine Boots: Pbs Prep is formulated for use before each Pbs Boot Sealant application to avoid dulling and hard to remove build-up. Pbs Boot Sealant dries quickly to a high gloss finish while offering the longest lasting protection against all weather, wear and tear.


Gear Wells: The gears are clean from carbon, break dust, oil, hydraulics, bugs, and runway grime.


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